How to become a Reiki Master

This is a straightforward guide on how to becoming a Reiki Master. Reiki is the ancient art of healing and is composed of different levels of energy.


Maybe you are not familiar with Reiki, do not worry, you are not alone.

To start with, Reiki is associated with natural holistic healing or a healing where pharmaceutical drugs and medical surgeries are just an alternative in case the system of holistic healing fails.

Reiki is an early form of energy healing in which a participant serves as a channel for Universal Life Force. The Reiki participant opens himself/herself as a channel for an energy that comes from a higher source to aid healing or correct a person's aura. This is believed to be beneficial for the body, mind, and soul or the Indian system called chakra.

Reiki got its principle from the thought that the universe has an energy that gives form, structure, and health. This force is also called Chi by the Chinese martial artists. It is said to be capable of healing anything because its energy comes from the basic fundamental levels of reality.

It also teaches that the energy flows are affected by the thoughts of a Reiki practitioner. For instance, if he/she thinks of negative things, this will manifest diseases and unfortunate events. If he/she thinks the other way around, good health and fortune will come.

These are facilitated to help the patients believe whatever positive thoughts they have in their minds.

The very essence of Reiki is healing using natural methods, but it does not concern any religion or cult at all. This is with firm conviction that even though Reiki is spiritual in nature, it does not advocate any kind of belief.

Faith here depends on the person's individual capability of believing on the effectiveness of Reiki towards him. There is no particular teaching or Dogma that you must learn in order to be cured by Reiki.

Most people just associate Reiki with God because of the unexplainable healing process and effect that it provides them after undergoing the treatment. This is probably due to a certain therapeutic technique and Divine intervention that heals them. Like in any other form of healing, it is only natural to ask for God's guidance.

The term Reiki is derived from the Japanese term “Rei”, which means God's Wisdom or the Higher Power. The name itself suggests about the participation of the guidance of God in healing but does not necessarily imply that it is a religion. The “Ki” also means life force energy. To join and decipher this two terms, it simply means 'spiritually guided life force energy.'

Reiki is already proven effective in curing people through all walks of life. The goal of Reiki is to make people realize that in healing ones spirit, should possess all the willingness and commitment since it is a part of the healing experience.

To establish a lasting effect of the Reiki treatment, the client must do his responsibilities by participating in all the activities that he need to take part in the healing process. It should be a collaborative effort between the healer and the client.

To have an idea of how the healing process is conducted, here is an example: usually, the healer performs some hand rituals and eventually places it over a sick person. Then he will perform some massage from mid hair, and he will make some scooping actions like he is smoothing a bedspread. This movement is intent to correct the person's aura. There are other Reiki masters that just place their hands directly to the patient and keeping it there as long as necessary.

They are also capable of healing from a distance, or also called Reiki remote healing. The healer will just ask for an object that will represent the ill person and they will treat that said object just like he is treating the person. They are also capable of healing and blessing objects such as cars and computers.

Reiki is definitely a different healing process compared with others. It is up to you if you believe in the methods.