Spiritual and Psychic Development

Everyone has the power to be psychic, so consequently everyone can use their psychic ability to help themselves make decisions in life.


Scientists using brainwave technology found that a certain combination of theta harmonics increased the ability to “tune-in”. This was achieved by using a combination of visualization and meditation. This is what is often referred to as your “Gut Feeling”. This feeling of knowing can be very rewarding if used; unfortunately, many people do not use it.

Do you use your psychic ability?
• Do you think an old friend or relative has not phoned me for ages? Then suddenly they do!
• Do you know what someone is about to say before they say it?
• Do you ever feel that you are being watched?
• Do you know when you are in a safe place?
• Can you sense a good or bad atmosphere in a place you visit?
• Do you know deep down which direction you should take and then not take it?

If you have answered yes to most of the questions above you are using your psychic ability.
Now there is psychic ability where you can tune into your own psyche and that of others around you and there is the advanced ability of being able to listen and speak to spirit. The majority of people can easily rekindle this first type of psychic ability but the second is much harder to master.

Over the years, there have been many horror stories about situations and events that have happened. Much of this has occurred to people that have explored the psychic world without any regard for the spirits.

There is much to be said about protecting yourself from bad influences. Negative psychic influences originate from living in this world that can have damaging effects. Psychic ability is something we are all given at birth.

The word psychic is a reference to unseen forces, this means Soul, Mind and Spirit.
The Greeks tell a story about a mortal princess called Psyche who has to carry out many tests so that she is able to prove her worth; this is so she can become a companion of the God of Love (Eros). Once she has finished these tests and has proved she is worthy she is given the cup of immortality at which point she grows wings, these are an ancient symbol of the soul.

Every human is given the ability in life to learn. Therefore, throughout this site, we can explore some interesting questions about who you are as a person and we can explore avenues of sensitivity and how much we depend on our inner-self. This will help on our journey of discovery.